Pricing and Packages

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We have several packages that are customizable to fit you Important Event needs.

Birthday Parties - There are 2 different birthday party packages.
The First Package is just the Magician; This is a close up style show for roughly 5 - 30 people.
The second package is a parlor style show which is in between close up and stage. The tricks are slightly bigger and more people can be involved. This is usually performed with the Magician and at least one Assistant.
Both Birthday Party Packages run approximately 45 minutes to an hour, and include a Magic Gift for the Birthday Person

Fundraising - This is usually a Stage style show with 3 - 4 large illusions, although it can be scaled up or down depending on your events needs. Fundraising events can be Walk around Street Style Magic, Parlor , or Stage.

Church, School or Corporate Events - These shows are usually the big guns so to speak. A full size stage show that runs approximately an hour and a half, usually contains upwards of 5 large illusions and a lot of audience participation. We can even appear your CEO, Principle or Event Planner at the start of the show. As with all show packages, these shows are completely customizable to fit your events needs. Please contact The Magic of Craig Campbell for further details on pricing for these types of shows.

Magic Camp - In the past I have been asked if I do a Magic Camp. At this time I do not, but plans are in the works to do this. I do teach Magic Lesson though, please see the Lessons section for more details.


Pricing for the shows are as follows.

Birthday Party Package A - Magician only 45 minute to 1 hour show $175.00

Birthday Party Package B - Magician and 1 assistant 45 minute to 1 hour show $250.00

Please note, these Prices are for Salt Lake County residents. Due to fuel prices shows out side of the Salt Lake County will be slightly higher. Please contact Craig Campbell for pricing outside of Salt Lake County.

If you would like to have doves in the birthday party packages, there is an additional $25.00 fee.

Fundraising Events - Since most fundraising events are for charities, fundraising events prices are negotiable. Please contact Craig Campbell for negotiations.

Schools, Churches and Corporate Events - Please Contact Craig Campbell directly for pricing

Lessons - Please see the Lessons section for pricing.

If you would like to have The Magic of Craig Campbell be your Important Event Entertainment, whether it is for a school, church, party or corporate event pleaseclick here.Our shows are completely customizable to your event needs.